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Epcot Food and Wine 2016

this-post-contains-affiliate-linksEven though Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival had been underway for almost a week, we finally made it over. We live in Florida so it is nice that we can just jet over for the day. Sometimes we make it a quick overnight trip if we can get a great passholder hotel deal.


When we arrived on Tuesday around noon I was ready to eat ( and drink) my way around the world. The first thing on my list was The Greek Nacho’s from the Greece global marketplace. I read that there would be a vegan option of this dish and couldn’t wait to try it. Greece Menu

Unfortunately when we arrived at the Greece Global Marketplace we found it closed. I was a little disappointed since the nachos were the one thing that I had my heart set on.  We later found out that the kiosk was having some electrical problems which resulted in it being closed most of the day.

Greece Global MarketplaceI made my way to the United Kingdom so that I could drown my sorrows in a Snakebite. This also gave me a few minutes to sit in the shade and rethink my strategy for the day. Not to mention, the beer made me not think about how hungry I was.

Snakebite in Epcot's United Kingdom


After a quick stop in France we made our way to Morocco, where I finally found the next item on my list. Spicy Hummus Fries! Once I was able to pull my husband out of the magic lamp store I headed over to try them out.
Morocco Global Marketplace Morocco Menu

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the hummus fries. I didn’t even know how you make fries out of hummus. Needless to say, they were delicious. They also pair well with Casa Pale Ale, which is probably my favorite beer to get in Morocco. I definitely have one every time I am at Epcot.

The inside of the fries appeared to be filled with possibly bulgar wheat as it looked pretty similar to tabouleh. It had a great flavor and reminded me a little bit of a falafel since there was a nice crunch. I will certainly get these again when I return, and wouldn’t be mad if they made a permanent appearance somewhere at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Hummus Fries


Our next stop was Japan, where I had to stop to get the Pineapple Breeze Sake Cocktail. We couldn’t put this on our don’t miss list and not partake.
Japan Global Marketplace

Japan Menu

Since I was already on a spicy kick following the Spicy Hummus Fries, it only made sense to get the Grilled Spicy Edamame. While it was delicious, it was a little messy from the red pepper sprinkled liberally. I do suggest you grab tons of extra napkins if you order the edamame. Asking for empty  container isn’t a bad idea either. You can keep your eaten hulls separate from your still to enjoy beans this way.

Grilled Edemame

South Korea

By this point I was getting a little full, and we still hadn’t made it all the way around! I knew I wouldn’t be able to try everything in one day already though. We headed over to the South Korea global marketplace. It had a line longer than any of the kiosks I had seen.

South Korea Global Marketplace

I guess there were a lot of people who wanted to get their hands on the Korean Style BBQ and Roasted Pork Lettuce wraps. Who could blame them?

South Korea

I decided to go with the Vegan Korean BBQ, which features Gardein Beefless tips. While I am only sometimes vegetarian, I decided I wanted the Vegan version so I could compare it to the regular version. My husband got the regular Korean BBQ so I was able to try both. We also went with the Soju Fruit Slushy and Raspberry wine. Both options were very sweet.

Korean BBQ

As you can see the regular Korean BBQ is on the left and the Gardein Vegan Korean BBQ is on the right. The sauce was the same on both so the only real difference is in the texture of the meat substitute. I love that Disney is starting to expand it’s options for both Vegan and Vegetarian diners. There are also a lot of gluten free options again this year. If you have dietary restrictions, don’t let that keep you from enjoying the food and wine festival. As for us, we will be back soon to eat all the rest of the things!

What I Ate at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival