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Everyone has their favorite “secret” things that they love to do when visiting Walt Disney World. When we were pre teens our favorite thing to do was sit on a bench and look at people’s socks. Things haven’t changed much. Here is our list of things you probably aren’t doing at Walt Disney World, but we think you should.

Things you Probably Aren't Doing at Walt Disney World

The Hub Grass at Magic Kingdom

  1. People watching at the Magic Kingdom – siesta style!

Ever gaze at the beautiful green grass at the parks and wish you could just flop down in it for a rest? Many people do not realize that you can lounge around outside Cinderella Castle in an area those in the know refer to as the “Hub Grass”. Grab a snack from a nearby eatery and relax for a bit. Don’t worry about grass stains or allergies, this knoll is artificial!

Things you Probably Aren't Doing at Walt Disney World

2) Enjoy a deluxe resort – even if you aren’t staying there!

 Are you envious every time you ride the monorail through one of the big three hotels on the Magic Kingdom monorail loop? Hop off and check them out, you do not need be a guest at ANY of the WDW resort hotels in order to enjoy them. Resort hopping is a great way to check out a place to stay on future trips. Dine, enjoy a cocktail, or just roam around the property and sight-see. Who knows – you may find next trip’s “home” this way!

Nachos and margaritas!

Nachos and margaritas!

3) Eat/drink your way around the world (showcase)!

With so much to take in as you stroll around the World Showcase (the sights, the sounds) you just may forget about the smells! EPCOT is a great place to sample food and beverages from around the world. Have high tea in the UK, indulge in a dessert and champagne in France, and chow down on nachos and a margarita in Mexico. You just may find something you would’ve never tried at home that becomes a staple on future trips to Walt Disney World. 

Things you Probably Aren't Doing at Walt Disney World

4) Learn more about the man behind the mouse!

Want to brush up on your Walt Disney trivia? You won’t want to miss Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream at Disney Hollywood Studios. Not only is it a great place to beat the heat (and crowds) if you aren’t careful you just may learn a thing or two. It’s a self-guided tour so you can go at your own pace and marvel at the memorabilia. Every 15 minutes you can catch a film that was specially prepared for this attraction. If you love history like we do, you will love this attraction.

Things you Probably Aren't Doing at Walt Disney World

5) Get a kiss goodnight!

If you stick around until after the Magic Kingdom is closed (well, those final minutes when you are being gently ushered towards the exit) you can witness a very special end of the night treat. Look towards Cinderella Castle as you duck out – you just may catch a spectacular light show projected on the castle walls. Often called the “closing time announcement” Disney has gone that extra mile to make you feel always welcome – even as you are leaving for the night. It’s totally worth staying out late for!

What are some of your little-known/secrets? Share with us in the comments below!