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As a stinky runner (meaning both that I am not that great and tend to be aromatic) I am always looking for low-cost ways to add to my running clothes collection. On a whim, I starting browsing Star Wars running clothes a few nights ago and boy, am I glad I did! You never know what you may find if you search Disney and running on the internet

I LOVE Amazon Prime. I figure if I can’t buy it there I possibly don’t need whatever it is. It has saved me more than once when I have arrived at my resort missing an item that I was certain I didn’t need. However, I  am going to go out on the proverbial limb and say I hit the jackpot with this particular buy!Star Wars Running

Love running? Love Star Wars? You’ll love to run in these almost too adorable Star Wars tights! I mean – they have R2D2 on one leg and C3PO on the other! They didn’t get the best reviews, but I am always willing to accept the risk if it’s an item that I really want (these were). I only had to check my porch frantically for two days before they were delivered and I literally squealed as I ripped them out of the bag.I had read that they were too small, too big, just right, transparent – all of the bad things. I would usually wash my running attire before wearing it on a run but they came the night before my scheduled long run of the week and let’s face it, I am lazy. I immediately paired them with a grey short sleeved shirt and a black long sleeved one and left them folded neatly for my long morning run. Star Wars Running

I was somewhat skeptical about the quality when I pulled them on. So skeptical that I threw an extra pair of tights into my car just in case they didn’t make it to the running store I was meeting up at. I immediately scratched a foot long snag into the left side with my (super soft, by the way) glove as I got into the car and so I set myself up for defeat right then and there. However – these little cheapies totally surprised me.

Not only did they rock out on my 5.35 mile run, they also lasted through a brunch pub crawl, grocery shopping, two hours worth of cleaning out my storage building and my weekend household chores. I did bail on the group post-run yoga that my coach likes to hold on the sidewalk as I (correctly) assumed that my tights may get snagged. I leaned against a brick wall and was rewarded with another huge rough spot on my rear end.

Star Wars Running

Other than the seemingly nonresistance to textured surfaces of the tights, I would rate them at least 4 stars. For the price, you really can’t beat this deal. They were well-constructed, the seams are double-stitched and did not cause chaffing. I didn’t feel that they had the transparent quality some people complained about as I couldn’t even see the dark blue rock tape I had applied to my thigh through these tights. They were warm enough for the temp I ran in – which was around 40 when I started and never warmed up past 43. They are ONE SIZE fits all but I am 5’6” and around 160 pounds and found they fit just right. I imagine they would fit someone that wore anywhere from a size 4 thru 14 pretty comfortably – even your average sized guy. They held up great through a machine wash on warm/cold/line dry and as a precaution I laundered inside a lingerie bag to prevent more scratching in the wash.

Overall, I am not sure I would trust them on more than a half-marathon. They just seem more frail than my other running tights but as I said, for the price you really can’t go wrong. I will report back at the end of the session and let you all know how they lasted long term! I am not ashamed to admit that I plan to buy another pair for back-up. 

Do you make all of your race costumes or are you open to buying some of the staples?

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