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Navigating the FastPass Plus System

Has Navigating the FastPass Plus System Left you confused? What is a Fast Pass Plus? Why do I need it? Can’t I just get paper tickets in the park like the “good old days?” These are all questions we asked ourselves when the new system rolled out. We also see these asked frequently within our Facebook groups.

Now that we are familiar with the concept we are always on the lookout for ways to make the most of our FP+ and tips to help us score the coveted new rides (Frozen Ever After, anyone?). We have created a beginners guide to navigating the FastPass Plus system. Keep reading for a breakdown on the FP+ system and how to get the most from it.


What is a Fast Pass Plus?

FP+ works a lot like making a dining reservation. You choose the attraction you’d like to visit, get a return time window (one hour) and then get to skip the much longer stand by line entirely. This allows you to use the time you would’ve spent in line to enjoy other parts of the park, saving you literally hours of standing in line.


Sweet! So can I get one for alllll the rides?

Unfortunately, no. Though you will find FP+ available for many rides and attractions but there are a few you’ll actually have to go stand-by for. You can find a complete list of rides/attractions you can reserve a FP+ for here.

Can I get unlimited FP+ ?

Initially, you’ll be able to reserve three FP+ plus per day but after the third one is expired or used you can make a fourth, and after that one is used a fifth and so on. It’s possible to “roll” through the day (especially at Magic Kingdom as this park has the most rides/attractions available to use FP+ on). So while we can’t say the are unlimited, they CAN be plentiful.

I only want to ride one ride at EPCOT. Can I make my other two passes for Hollywood Studios?

Currently no. All three initial FP+ must be made for the same park though the subsequent ones can be made for a different one if you plan to park hop.

What happens if I miss my window?

If it’s by a few minutes (we hear it’s 15) you can usually scoot in, otherwise it’s the standby line for you. Likewise if it is just a few minutes prior to your window you can typically go ahead and get in line a few moments early.

Why can’t I get FP+ for Frozen Ever After AND Soarin’? You mean I have to CHOOSE?!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the “tier system” that Disney has applied to FP+ selections. Currently, only EPCOT and Hollywood Studios use this system and the rides/attractions are separated into Tier One and Tier Two. At either park you are allowed one pass for Tier One and two for Tier Two. It’s worthy to note that once you have used (or it has expired) your Tier One experience you can book a second Tier One FP+.


OK! I’m ready to get started making my FP+! How do I do that?

When your window opens (see below to determine when your specific window is) you can make your reservations using either the My Disney Experience app on your phone or by visiting the Disney website and logging into your account. Once inside the parks you can use the app to modify or add FP+ on the fly.

Current Windows for FP+ scheduling are:

Guests staying at a WDW resort: 60 days before the first day of your trip
Annual pass holders: 30 days in advance unless also staying at a WDW resort (in that case you may make them at 60 days before the first day of your trip)
Guest who stay off property, are not annual pass holders but have theme park tickets: 30 days before the first day of your trip

You’ll be able to start making reservations at 7am eastern time and can schedule FP+  for every day of your trip (up to 14 days) at this time.


How do I redeem my FP+?

Your FP+ reservations are linked to your magic band (or park ticket if you do not have a magic band). All you have to do is scan your band as you enter the FP+ return line.
We hope this has answered some of your questions about FP+ and how it works. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it goes from intimidating/confusing to “how can I have FP+ integrated into my everyday life?!?” We will be expanding on some of the basics of the Fast Pass Plus system soon to answer more frequently asked questions that we get.

What questions do you have about the Disney Fast Pass Plus system?

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