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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the theatrical release of The Great Mouse Detective, we here at Running on Disney have assembled a few fun facts we hope you enjoy!

  1. The original title of the movie was to be “Basil of Baker Street”- an obvious homage to Sherlock Holmes himself. This tiny detective got to keep his name of Basil but the title was changed to “The Great Mouse Detective” by the Vice President of Walt Disney Feature Animation.

2. Several other Disney characters make an appearance in this film. Watch closely during the bar scene to spot Bill the lizard from Alice in Wonderland and keep your eyes open for a toy figurine version of Dumbo in the toy shop scene.

3. Basil (the great mouse detective himself) lives at 221 1/2 Baker Street – right under his human counterpart Sherlock Holmes.

4. The film took almost four years to develop, but only a year to complete. Thank you, computers!

5. The cabernet scene was almost cut brief due to the lyrics of ‘Let Me Be Good to You” and the “risque” costumes worn by the dancers on stage. The producers managed to skirt a PG rating by pointing out the characters are mice, not humans.

mouse 2

Happy 30th Birthday, The Great Mouse Detective!