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Five Snacks at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Even though most people tend to think of Disney’s Hollywood Studios at a “half-day park”, that doesn’t mean you won’t be there long enough to find yourself wanting something to eat.

While I really do enjoy eating at 50’s Prime Time or the Sci-Fi Drive-in I am usually moved to just grab a snack and jump back in line for Tower of Terror verses sitting down for a table service meal. Check out our list of five snacks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios you wont want to miss,  and bring a friend!

Foot long chili cheese hot dog (Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner) $10.99

Also gets you a bag of chips. This dog is HUGE and can easily feed two for a snack (or even a meal if you are a light eater) My husband insisted we each get our own and neither of us could finish! I find this counter service restaurant to be a good place to people watch as it’s outside seating but usually not crowded.Bill and Mins Dockside Diner FootLong

1/3 lb Angus cheeseburger with Sirachi Aiolli & Fried Shrimp (ABC Commissary$11.49

Comes with either broccoli, apple slices or french fries. Don’t worry, you’ll each get a shrimp! Don’t want a side? Ask the cashier to leave it off, you’ll save a few bucks and still have a decent sized snack for two.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Dessert Trio (The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge) $9.00

Gets you your choice of three mini-desserts. It’s a nice way to try a bit of everything and if you bring an ambitious pal along you can get all six! I also enjoy having an adult beverage or two here. It’s a quiet place to relax for a bit mid-day and recharge. Try the side car if you’d like to imbibe or the pineapple no-jito if you prefer a non-alcoholic drink.

 You’ll get your choice of three of the following:

Amaretto Flan and opalys white chocolate whip with an almond cookie
Double vanilla bean creme brûlée
Warm blueberry cobbler with creme fraiche and orange blossom honey
Mini grapefruit cake
Chocolate sphere with hazelnut praline chocolate and orange-white chocolate mousse
Banana toffee cake on cocoa crunch and strawberry-banana pearls

 Jumbo Turkey Leg (Toluca Legs Turkey Company) $13.99

OK, so this one may not exactly fall under the category of cheap BUT when you consider how large the leg itself is and then factor in an ear of corn on the cob and a side of baked beans, it’s definitely a good deal. I consider the turkey leg to be one of the iconic treats at the Disney parks and this is a great way to make a meal of it. You may want to try this one AFTER visiting the Tower of Terror as it may sit heavy if you aren’t sharing.

Five Snacks at Disney's Hollywood Studios

 Carrot Cake Cookie (Writer’s Stop) $3.99

Be prepared, this is a lot of cookie! Two puffy layers of cookie which has more of a cake texture with a generous layer of cream cheese in the middle…it’s so rich you should share – even if you don’t really want to!

Five Snacks at Hollywood Studios

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of my favorite things to share at HS! Be sure to check back soon for more yummy advice.