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Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are taking a closer look at booths at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

drinks at epcot

The 2016 Food and Wine festival takes place September 14 – November 14, 2016 giving you plenty of time to explore the 30 unique kiosks scattered throughout EPCOT’s World Showcase. Don’t let the name fool you, this festival isn’t just about wine, though drinks at Epcot does seem to be a theme.  There’s a plethora of other things to drink and you’ll find it all here! Sample everything – from Bacardi Dragon Berry rum to Dom Pérignon Brut, we think you’re certain to pick a new favorite libation.

Most of the drinks you will find at the kiosks are exclusive to the festival, so with that in mind – here are just a few of our don’t miss drinks!

drinks at epcot

Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rosé (the desserts and champagne booth – located on the Canadian side of the Port of Entry)

Nothing like a good champagne toast to start a day of drinking at EPCOT! This is usually our first stop during the Food and Wine Festival and we usually grab a seat somewhere nearby to really savor it and plan out our next drink. It’s sweet enough that you can pass on a dessert as strawberries can be easily tasted in this champagne.

drinks at epcot

MmmHops Pale Ale (American Pavilion – Block and Hans)

Block and Hans is a permanent cart in the world showcase but during the festival they do add a few new drinks – Mmmhops Pale Ale, a Festival Chardonnay and a Festival Cabernet Sauvignon. We always opt for the Mmmhops. Not only is it fun to order but it’s fun to drink as well. It’s actually brewed in our home state of Oklahoma and named for the Hanson brother’s hit “Mmmbop”. The beer isn’t as hoppy as it’s name suggests, we think it tastes slightly of caramel and is moderately malty.

Three Drinks you wont want to miss

Pineapple Fuzed Sake Cocktail (Japan Pavillion)

Not a fan of sake? Try this one – it may change your mind! You’ll get a generous pour of chilled sake with just the right amount of chopped pineapple floating around the top. The sweetness of the fruit helps to hide the alcohol flavor you’d usually associate with sake, making this one almost a dessert beverage.

As you can see, the Food and Wine festival offers a little something for everyone. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning what some of our favorite drinks are and maybe even added one to your list of things you must try! Do you have a go-to drink you think we should add to our list? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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