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This Post Contains Affiliate Links

We didn’t forget the Adults. Since October is officially here you will want to make sure you have your costume too! We have curated this list of the best Disney Halloween costumes for adults. Coordinate with the children, or dress up as your favorite Disney character. These are great for Halloween parties and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Couples Costumes

Couples Costumes are a great idea when heading to a halloween party. Many people love to coordinate and we have found the perfect combinations with some of your favorite Disney Characters.

Aladdin and Jasmine have always been one of our favorite couples. We think the Genie outfit is just as great though. While you wouldn’t be able to wear the Genie to Mickeys Not So Scary, he would make a great third wheel to Aladdin and Jasmine. Other combinations include Aladdin and his buddy Genie, or Jasmie and her new best friend Genie.


1.  Aladdin     2.  Jasmine    3. Genie

Woody and Jessie And Jack and Sally are more of our favorite Disney couples. Woody and Jessie bring an air of fun and adventure to any party. Jack and Sally are creepy and classic Disney Halloween.

  1. Woody   2. Jessie    3. Jack    4. Sally

Classic Disney Characters

If you are looking for more classic Disney characters we have got you covered there too. Kigurumi is one of the latest costume trends from Japan, and now they feature cool Disney characters. These fluffy costumes are worn as a way to break away from traditional dress, and double as a fun way to lay around the house.

  1. Goofy   2. Donald Duck   3. Pluto   4. Mickey Mouse   5. Daisy Duck

Halloween Disney Favorites

There are practically hundreds of possibilities if you are looking for a Disney inspired Halloween costume. Here are a few more of our absolute favorites.


  1. Prince Charming   2. Captain Hook   3. Snow White   4. Maleficent  5. Minnie Mouse  6. Cinderella


So, have you made a decision on which Disney character you will make your debut as this Halloween?




Disney Halloween Costumes for Adultsxcinderella minnie malificent snow-white captain-hook prince



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