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This post contains affiliate links

It is almost officially time to start picking out your Disney Halloween Costume. Whether you are attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, or just want a Disney themed costume, we have selected the best of the best costumes for the whole family.  This week we are going to get started with Disney Halloween costume ideas for the younger members.

Disney Halloween Costume For Baby

Babies will be adorable in anything, but these Disney inspired costumes are amazing. The best part is they are all simple one and two piece costumes so baby will be happy about that. How cute would the Mike and Sully costumes be for twins!

1. Sully    2. Mike     3. Snow White     4. Pinocchio

 5. Sally     6. Dumbo    7. Pooh Bear

Disney Halloween Costume for Toddlers and Children

From Alice in Wonderland to Peter Pan, you will certainly be able to find your child’s favorite character this Halloween.

1 .  Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum    2. Peter Pan    3. Belle

4. Yoda  5.  Wicket the Ewok  6. Olaf

1 .  Prince Charming  2. Princess Elsa   3. Princess Anna

4. Nick Wilde (Zootopia)  5. Captain Hook  6. Kylo Ren

Disney Halloween Costume for Tweens and Teens

Just because they are getting older doesn’t mean they wont want to dress up. Teens and Tweens can be a little harder to please when it comes to Halloween costumes. Luckily with the popularity of Decendants, Alice Through The Looking Glass, and Star Wars, you can find something to make them happy too.

1 . Decendants, Mal   2. Minnie Mouse  3.  Jedi   4.  Princess Anna  5.  Teen Beach Movie’s Lela  6. The Mad Hatter  7.  Alice  8.  Decendants, CJ   9. Captain America  10. Chewbacca


With all the great options you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a costume for anyone on your list. What Disney Character will you be dressing up as this Halloween?