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EPCOT is my very favorite place to eat at Walt Disney World. No matter what time of year you choose to visit you will find not only the EPCOT staples, but in many cases seasonal treats.

Wine and Dine, Halloween and Christmas all lend different flavors to the the already impressive line up of delicious desserts at Epcot. This is a short list of desserts that you can always find at EPCOT no matter what time of year you choose to visit!


School Bread (Norway – Kringle Bakeri Og Kafe) – $3.19 

Picture this: a sweet bun somewhat similar in taste and texture to a Hawaiian King Roll. Now stuff it with a creamy vanilla custard, so full that some leaks out the top. Not enough? Sprinkle it with toasted coconut – and did I mention it’s the size of a soup bowl? This is probably my very favorite EPCOT dessert. I have been known to eat one at the Kafe and take another to go. 


Strawberry Tart (France – Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles) – $4.75

It’s hard for me to pick just ONE dessert from this seemingly always busy, bustling eatery. I’ve had more of them than I would like to admit but I can’t get over the Strawberry Tart. Served in a small pasty crust, you get 4-5 large berries cut in half and layered in with fresh whipped cream. It’s tasty, fresh and light enough that you feel you an indulge in a second (or third) treat!


Coppa Del Nonno (Italy Gelato Kiosk) $9.75

The gelato kiosk has many, many sinful choices but this is my favorite. It’s in my opinion the most straight forward gluttony of a treat. You’ll get: vanilla, chocolate and cookies & cream gelato topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream AND amaretto cookies.


Green Tea Ice Cream (Japan – Kabuki Cafe) $3.75

I am a sucker for green tea ice cream and will happily order it every time I can find it. I decided to highlight the Kabuki Cafe for more than just that reason. They also have two other interesting flavors of ice cream: strawberry azuki and caramel ginger (both are also $3.75) – and – they have frozen Kirin beer! Ok, so that isn’t really a dessert but it is close enough. Be forewarned if you go seeing the beer, the machine that chills it usually isn’t up and running until around noon.


Churros (Mexico – La Cantina de San Angel) $4.25

OK, so you can get churros pretty much anywhere at the Disney parks but these are somehow different. You won’t get the pre-made/frozen and reheated stick – you’ll get closer to the real thing. This comes up hot and greasy and served with a side of caramel. Oh, and you can enjoy a margarita and a great view of Illuminations while you munch on it!

So those are my fave EPCOT dessert staples. What is your must have when you are touring the World Showcase?

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