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It is Summertime again, and in Florida that means rain. Lots of it. If you are traveling to Walt Disney World in the summer you can bet that more often than not it will rain. In fact it will probably rain a little at some point each day.

Don’t let a soggy situation put a damper on your trip. With a little bit of planning and know how you can make the most of your Disney vacation no matter the weather.

Expect Rain Every Day

Fortunately, most of the showers you’ll encounter during your visit last only 10-15 minutes. However, on occasion you may encounter the odd-ball torrential downpour that lasts hours. These can close down outdoor rides and send even the most stubborn tourist frantically running back to their resort. If you want to get the most of your trip don’t let the rain deter you.

Rain at Walt Disney World is an every day occurrence during the summer. If you want to survive a rainy day at Disney you will need a few of these tips.

Plan Ahead

Even when the forecast looks perfectly sunny we most always throw some cheap, disposable ponchos into our backpacks. They are lightweight and don’t take up much room. Ponchos are also handy on water rides if you don’t like getting soaked.

Purchasing a package of cheap ponchos is the best bet before leaving for Disney. You will not feel bad throwing them away versus trying to refold and store them. Disney does sell ponchos that you can grab in a pinch, but at $9 a pop they can eat into your churro budget. We have also found that these don’t refold well and take up way too much room in your backpack.

Bringing a light rain coat along is also another good idea. It can be easily rolled up and stuffed into your backpack once the rain has passed. If you are the type that doesn’t mind keeping up with an umbrella, we recommend a smaller travel size to easily fold up as the rain ceases.

Try To Stay Dry

If know ahead of time that it’s bound to be a wet day, pack a set of dry clothes (including socks and shoes). Stash them in a locker at the park entrance if you don’t want to carry them all day. There’s nothing worse than getting drenched early in the day then slogging around in wet clothes.

Flip flops are also handy to whip out of your bag for puddle wading immediately after a shower. Just make sure you have a pair with traction so that you aren’t sliding all over the place. Our best choices for trekking around the parks can be found here.

Head Indoors

Depending on how severe the downpour is, Disney may elect to close rides that are outdoors for safety reasons. Instead of heading back to your resort, stick around and wait it out. When everything reopens you’ll have a much less crowded park!

Rainstorms are a great excuse to do a little shopping (though you may find several hundred other guests decided to do the same thing). Or take the chance to take a break for a snack or drink.

There are also plenty of shows and other attractions located indoors where you can hide out and relax for a bit. The Lion King and Findng Nemo shows are great for this if you happen to be in Animal Kingdom. Check out the Land Pavillion, The Universe of Energy, or Living Seas with Nemo and Friends at EPCOT. The American Adventure or Impressions De France if you happen to be in the World Showcase.

Rain at Walt Disney World is an every day occurrence during the summer. If you want to survive a rainy day at Disney you will need a few of these tips.

Hollywood Studios has a few places under cover. These include Muppetvison 3D, the Great Movie Ride and Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. All of these attractions all last 15 minutes or longer. Lastly, many of the rides are under cover at Magic Kingdom and will continue to operate during a thunderstorm.
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Spend Some Time Away

If you know in advance you’re in for a rainy day plan to spend some time away from the parks. Head over to Disney Springs where you can watch a movie on any rainy afternoon. Splitsville is another fun way to spend an afternoon inside bowling and of course, bowling alley food!

Try spending some time at your resort for a change. As exciting as it is to be at Disney, downtime is a blessing for most of us. Take a few hours to lounge around your resort and rest your feet. Once the rain clears you will be rested and ready to enjoy the magic.

Rain at Walt Disney World is an every day occurrence during the summer. If you want to survive a rainy day at Disney you will need a few of these tips.

Don’t let a little rain ruin your Disney vacation. With a little planning and some patience you can make the most of your trip rain or shine.